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Welcome to the Caphar Gazette Douglas and Robyn hope you enjoy this web siteman reading a newspaper

Thursday June 08, 2006 (Date Page Updated)

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We have a brand new web site.  It is up and running from April 12, 2005.  You can learn more by clicking on the picture above or clicking here

Below this title is text that tells the reader about this site  The text of this title is About the Pages on this Site

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Robyn and Douglas have various interests that were represented by each page on this web site.  Here is a list of the page titles and a brief description of each page:

(for the actual page with text, please see the new location at  This page and all the others are duplicated at .)

bulletThis page of course was the "home" page or "index".  I was welcoming you to our web site and telling you more about it.
bulletFood and Health Pages These are the pages dealing with good food and health subjects.  Not what you normally read and hear as regards healthy eating!!
bulletOur Library  The Catalogue of our library has moved to
bullet Remember These Things As You Surf The Web Remember These Things.  Some Bible verses to keep in mind as you surf the Internet.
bullet Fractured History Page  This is my humorous version of history.  I use puns and other figures of speech in my warped retelling of history.  I know how to twist words very well.  If you know history and you do not have a sense of humor, then this page is not for you.  If you know history and you like bad jokes and other humor, then you might like this.  If you don't know history and you want to "get the joke", or you want to know the truth of who or what I am writing about, then look the names and stories up in
bullet Genealogy Page  This is the page where I am writing about the genealogy things I am working on.  I am trying to gather together all the information about the descendants of G.W. (George) Bitner of Littlefield, Texas.  There is a large family tree being done already.  It kind of starts with Joel Wilson Bitner, George's father.  It would be nice to add "our" branch to that tree.  If you are a descendant, of G.W. (George) Bitner, please print out this form and postal mail it to me.  You can get my address if you E-mail me and tell me who you are etc.
bullet Our Favorite Flags Our Favorite Flags from around the world AND why we like them.
bullet List of Our Interests We had translated into various languages a list of our main interests.
bullet Biblical Research Links Some excellent web sites dealing with Biblical subjects. This one should have gone on top maybe, but since it is simply just links to other sites, I stuck it near the bottom.  If we put some Biblical teachings on here, I will stick them up top. I was trying to keep the "writings" and "information" pages up top. Some Adult Content
bulletRobyn's Radio Hobby and Radio Drama Pages
bulletRobyn's Poems Some poems that Robyn has written.
bulletPhoto Gallery These are some photos we have taken.  There are some silly drawings on here too.
bullet Miscellaneous Links This is a page with links to things that wouldn't fit by subject on the other pages.  There might be some things other than links on here too.  You just have to see it to believe it.  This covers everything from soup to nuts; fan sites to bottles and murder mysteries.  I even have a reference section.
bullet Contact and Feedback This is how you can get in touch with us.

Robyn was writing this web site.  She was the one putting it all together.  For updates to this info., please see