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Me and 1960 Buicks
Welcome to The 1960 Buick ( The site now contains 35 pages of 1960 Buick material!

Check out added content in the following areas: toys, 'period' photos, movies, and Lou Ehlers. Also, the VIN decoding section has been edited to make it easier to use.

The intent of the site is to entertain and educate about 1960 Buicks. The Table of Contents on the left will take you to your page of choice (just click the radio button). From each web page, you can return Home or page forward/back using the navigation buttons at the bottom of the page. There is so much info, you may need to poke around a bit to find what you need.

1960 BUICK OWNERS: I am now maintaining a registry of these fine cars. At the present time it has over 750 unique vehicle entries. The intent is to track the surviving 1960 Buicks, and create a database of info about the different models and various plants that built them. I am interested in YOUR car! Please EMAIL ME FOR A COPY OF THE FORM to enter your car in this registry. All information is kept confidential and used for research purposes only.

Lastly, please consider joining the Buick Club of America ( It's a great way to meet other Buick enthusiasts, find parts, and learn about your car.


Greg Cockerill
Dec. 2007
A brief history of my fascination with 1960 Buicks
Design & Styling
Exterior & interior design highlights of the 1960 Buick
Recollections of 1960 Buick designer George Moon & others
Double Bubble Car (Skylark IV)
1960 Buick road tests and reviews
1960 Buick production figures; market conditions; used car values
The Dealership
1960 Buick brochures, options, colors, order forms, & more
The mystery of the backward-slanting dealer script
Here's what I know...Can you add more?
Production Oddities
Canadian 1960 Buicks and their unique features
Was this Buick's answer to the 4-seat Thunderbird?
Ionia Body Company of Michigan produced 1960 Buick station wagon bodies
Some 1960 Buick conversions & a link to another great site
Examples of the many revisions made to 1960 Buicks during the production run
1960 Buicks on the big (and little) screen
1960 Buick toys, pedal cars, and go-carts
Links to other great Buick sites:
Buick Club of America (BCA)
BCA Discussion Forum
1960 Buick Professional Cars
Rust problems with 1960 Buicks
1960 Buick Invicta Restoration
Baby Gets New Shoes
The 1959 Buick website
Photo Gallery
Electra 225
Wrecked, damaged, and cosmetically-challenged 1960 Buicks
Period photos of 1960 Buicks
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