The 1960 Buick
An Unrestored "Survivor"
"You can restore a car a dozen times, but it's only original once"
This is my 1960 Buick. It’s an unrestored and unmolested “survivor” with only 11,000 documented miles. The paint, chrome, and convertible top are original, as is the upholstery and carpet. Even the tires in many of these site photographs are the original factory-installed 1960 tires!

Rather than the stiff artificial appearance that is so common with restorations, this car has the relaxed and authentic look of a very fine original.
This car was originally sold by Lou Ehlers Buick of Milwaukee to an Appleton Wisconsin man. He purchased the car for his wife, to replace her aging 1947 Mercury convertible. (She was reportedly quite fond of convertibles.)

Unfortunately, the wife had health problems and used the car very sparingly. She passed away in 1969, and the Buick was kept for sentimental reasons. For nearly a quarter of a century, it would languish in the garage.
Abpve: The brilliant red interior belies the fact that this is Buick's lowest cost convertible. The excellent condition prompts many observers to assume it has been restored.
Right: This side view illustrates the beautifully sculpted side panels of the 1960 Buick. This is a stark contrast from the simple slab sides of the 1959 models.

(Note "Lou Ehlers" dealership badge on rear panel.)
At family gatherings, the widower frequently boasted of the LeSabre’s fine condition and low mileage, although no one was quite sure why he continued to keep it. When he died in 1993, the car had accumulated a total of only 8,300 miles in 33 years.

A nephew inherited the car, but promptly sold it. After passing through the hands of a vintage car dealer, the Buick found a new home in the remote country of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. That collector kept the car until 2002, putting about 1,500 additional careful miles on it. I acquired the Buick in September 2002 with 10,042 miles on the odometer.

As of Summer 2007, the mileage is just over 11,500. I believe this to be the lowest mileage, unrestored, 1960 Buick convertible in existence.
"Short"comings of the Original Top
Authentic License Plates
The year-of-manufacture (YOM) plate completes the appearance of an automotive time capsule. This is a 1959 base plate, with a tab for 1960 use. (A silver tab was used for 1961.) Michigan allows the use of authentic YOM plates, with some restrictions.

This pair of vintage plates and tabs were found new in their original DMV wrappers. They had never been installed on a car before.
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