The 1960 Buick
Facts and Figures
U.S.-built 1960 Buick Production:
Canadian-built 1960 Buick Production:
Some 1960 Buicks were built in Canada, at the Oshawa Ontario facility. These cars were intended for sale only in Canada and ONLY the models listed below were built there.
Total Canadian-built 1960 Buicks: 9,279
Other models, including all wagons, convertibles and Electras, were imported from the U.S. However, given the situation in 1960 for tariffs on cars imported from the U.S., I would expect that very few of the U.S.-built models were actually sold in Canada. So far, I have been unable to obtain exact figures. All 1960 Buicks imported into Canada were built at the Flint plant.

Anyone with information on the pricing of 1960 Buicks in Canada is asked to please contact me (use link at bottom of page).
Visit the website page describing the differences in upholstery trim between Canadian and US models!
1960 Buick Sales Disappointing...
Poor sales for 1960 (only a quarter million cars) dropped Buick to ninth place in the industry. In 1955 Buick had been third place and sold nearly three times as many cars.

A total model year sales comparison would suggest 1959 and 1961 were better years than 1960. However, a steel strike in the fall of 1959 cost Buick one month of production. Had it not been for this, 1960 model year sales would likely have surpassed 1959 levels.

And while 1961 was a better year overall for Buick, this was due largely to the success of the new compact-sized Special. Model year sales of the full-size1961 Buicks were actually quite dismal: 25% behind 1960 levels.
...Yet Convertible Sales Up!
The industry, as a whole, was having a banner year for convertibles in 1960. Overall they accounted for 4.6% of all 1960 domestic production. GM enjoyed even greater success, with convertibles representing a full 6.3% of production.

The 1960 Buick must have held a special appeal for ragtop buyers, for a full TEN percent of the year's production was convertibles!
So What's It Worth?
There’s plenty of information available in print, and online, regarding the present worth of the various 1960 Buick models. I don’t want to open that can of worms.

Instead, let’s have some fun and see what they were worth back when they were just another late model used car. You know, back before they were “all used-up” and prior to the advent of fin nostalgia.

Here’s some data from the 1963 (Central Edition) and 1965 (Eastern Edition) NADA Blue Books comparing the Buick to its competition. All prices are “retail” and are adjusted for automatic transmission, power steering, and V8 engine (where optional). All are 2-door hardtop coupes.
I find it interesting that in spite of a dated appearance, 1960 Buicks held their value relatively well when they were 3 to 5 years old. Of course, in later years the '60 became an undesirable oddity and was still considered worthless long after its finned stablemates (Chevrolet and Cadillac) were “discovered”.
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