The 1960 Buick

4 = LeSabre series
G = 1960 model yr.
8 = Arlington TX asm. plant
00xxxx= build number
VIN plate is mounted to the hinge pillar of driver's door. Note the correct factory spot welds on VIN plate of US-built car--rivets were NOT used.
Starting from the left, the 1st digit signifies the series. Unlike many other vehicles, the U.S.-built 1960 Buick VIN does NOT identify the body style or model number. (Refer to section on body tag decoding to identify model number and body style.) The series are:
4=LeSabre, 6=Invicta, 7=Electra, 8=Electra 225
According to the service manual and some parts books, an assembly plant code of "7" in the VIN indicates the Framingham, Massachusetts (Boston area) facility. While this was an active GM plant in the 1960 timeframe, no 1960 Buicks were built there.
Canadian-built models
Like US-built cars, the VIN plate is mounted on the driver's door hinge pillar. But UNLIKE US-built cars, Canadian units used rivets on VIN plate--not welds.
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