The 1960 Buick
The Dealership
"Buicks All Time Best"
That was the slogan for the 1960 models.

With all-new sheetmetal (except roof & trunk) and upgraded interiors, dealers hoped the 1960 Buick would turn the tide of slumping sales they'd battled since the record year of 1955.

ABOVE: Garber Buick, Saginaw MI. Ten brand new 1960 Buicks are visible in this shot, and there are possibly even more in this large old-fashioned showroom.

LEFT: The fall new car introduction on Douglas Ave., in downtown Wichita KS. Those young hooligans seem to like the dark-colored Invicta coupe with the the white top; the older gentleman is sizing up a white Electra flattop.
"Turbine Drive" 1960 Buicks
The "Buick '60 Portfolio of Fine Cars" came in two sizes, each containing 6 individual brochures. The small format had a white folder (6.5" x 9.25"), while the large format used brown (9.5" x 13.5"). Both were re-printed with changes.
ABOVE: The white header on these 6 brochures identifies them as 2nd edition. The first edition used black headers (like the example on the left). The differences between versions are described in the website section on production changes.

LEFT: Canadian cars had similar brochures that reflected their unique features. Canadian brochures came in both English and French versions. Here is an example of the French language version of the Invicta brochure. Unique Canadian 1960 Buick features are discussed elsewhere on this website.
4839 Electra 225 pillarless 4dr HT with "flattop" roof. 126" wb; 225.9" long. Named '225' for length. Extra 5" over 4739 is all behind rear wheels. Note ribbed lower body molding. 4829 Electra 225 "Riviera Sedan" pillarless HT. Uses sedan roof but with no pillars. 126" wb; 225.9" long. Quarters nearly 5" longer than 4700 series!! Only Cadillac shared this unique 6-wdo HT roofline.
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