The 1960 Buick
Production Oddities
Unique Canadian Interiors
(See the Facts and Figures section for a discussion on which 1960 Buick models were built in Canada)
CANADIAN LeSabre brochure (above) describes a special interior trim used only on certain models. The seat and door appearance of this trim is that of U.S. Invicta sedans. Note that 2-door sedans retain the Baylor cloth of the U.S. version. Convertibles and wagons were identical to cars sold in U.S.
LeSabre 4-doors and 2-door hardtops built in Canada use an interior that is essentially the U.S. Invicta trim. However, while the U.S. Invictas use Brunswick cloth (striped) on hardtops and Berkshire (geometric patterns) on sedans, the Canadian-built LeSabres use only Berkshire cloth.

Door panels are identical to U.S. Invictas, but without the oval Invicta badge. The cloth inserts match the seat fabric, as on U.S. cars.

The bright seat side panels are used only on the lower cushion (like the U.S. LeSabre) and not included on the vertical seat back (like U.S. Invictas).

ABOVE: U.S. LeSabre brochure (above) states this Baylor cloth seat is used on ALL models except convertibles & station wagons. [The asymetrical color pattern shown above was only used early in the model year.]

RIGHT: Photo of actual Canadian-built LeSabre 4dr hardtop. Except for lack of Invicta badges, it resembles U.S. Invicta 4dr sedan.
The Invictas made in Canada use a particularly unique interior that is a hybrid combination of Invicta and Electra components but with a fabric different from either! As you can see from the B&W pictures of the Electra seats (below), Canadian Invictas use the biscuit-type sew pattern of the Electra convertible seat, but with fabric inserts. The fabric itself (Calais Bedford cloth) is a unique patternless cloth that is not used on any U.S. 1960 Buicks.

Door panels are identical to U.S. Invictas, except the cloth insert matches the seat cloth. Like U.S. models, bright seat side trim is used on both bottom cushion and seat back.
CANADIAN Invicta brochure (above) shows a unique trim (except wagons & convertibles) that is a hybrid between U.S. Invicta and Electra trim. Again, convertibles and wagons are identical to U.S. models.
Real world examples of Canadian-built Invicta 4dr models. Both are low mileage unrestored cars. Green seat fabric is actually darker than photo shows.
U.S. Invicta models (except convertibles) used this trim. The specific cloth shown is for hardtops; sedans use geometric patterns in lieu of stripes (same as Canadian LeSabre seat shown at top of page).
Electra and Electra 225
Both Canadian and U.S. brochures show identical interiors for Electra and Electra 225 models.
UPPER LEFT is Electra 225

LOWER LEFT is Electra 225 convertible

UPPER RIGHT is regular (non-225) Electra 4dr

LOWER RIGHT is Electra coupe.

Note similarity of Canadian Invicta seat to the sew pattern of the Electra 225 convertible.
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