The 1960 Buick
Production Oddities
More 1960 Buick Production Changes
Super-early LeSabre ORIGINAL red interior: Black dash/steering wheel/package tray; black/white asymetric accents on seat back & cushion; black/white/black door panel trim (black/white on 4-doors); red Baylor cloth seats.
[Note 1: When dash is black, package tray is black. This is not seen here because rear seat photo is from a different (later) car that has a red dash.]
[Note 2: Did you see that the asymetric seat center section has an opposite pattern from front seat to rear seat, and seat back to seat cushion? Easy to miss this on a restoration, as you will see later in the website!]
Very late LeSabre ORIGINAL red interior: Red dash/steering wheel/package tray; solid red seat back & cushion colors (without the asymetric accents); black/black door panel trim (black/black/black on 2-doors); black Culebra seat cloth.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Changes marked with asterisk (*) are reflected in the 4th version (1/18/60) of the Dealer Order Form. In each case, the original version of the interior was offered in the 1st through 4th edition of the Order Form, but was absent from the 5th edition (4/20/60). Also, in each instance, the NEW interior configuration was added to the 4th edition and remained available through the model year. This created a period of time between January and mid-April where both old and new configurations were theoretically available. In reality, I suspect both versions were listed so that each assembly plant could manage their inventory and use up the old material.
COUPE/SEDAN/HARDTOP: Extremely early cars have black dash panels, steering wheels, package trays, and kick panels. Trim code numbers were not changed for this revision and no indication was provided on the Order Forms. This change was made independently from the later LeSabre interior changes described below.
COUPE/SEDAN/HARDTOP: Initially, seat backs and cushions used an asymmetrical pattern of “white + interior color” in the center of the seat. With red interior, the “white + color” was white + BLACK. This was changed early in the model year to solid panels in matching interior color. (See red interior photos above.) Trim code numbers were not changed for this revision. The 2nd edition of the showroom literature reflected this change in the illustrations.
Initially red LeSabre interiors utilized red cloth, in the same Baylor pattern as the other LeSabre interior colors. Mid-year this was changed to BLACK Culebra cloth and the red Baylor cloth was dropped. The respective trim code numbers are 471 and 472. Assumed coincident with this change, the door panel inserts were changed from white + black to all black. Actual implementation of the change, based on observations, appears to be in the Feb/March timeframe. (See red interior photos above.) It is interesting to note that GM documents indicate a switch to Culebra cloth was planned for ALL interior colors, but cancelled.
Originally, the red convertible interiors were trimmed in red with contrasing white leather inserts. Trim codes were 860 and 869 respectively, for bench and bucket seats. Mid-year, solid red was added (trim codes 870 for bench; 879 for buckets). The red and white combination was subsequently cancelled. (The second edition of the showroom literature reflected this change in the illustrations.)
A console became included with the bucket seat option sometime mid-model year. My data suggests this was probably in or around January. Trim code numbers were not changed. (The second edition of the showroom literature reflected this change in the illustrations.)
First version of "1960 Buick Convertible" sales brochure shows red & white Electra 225 interior, and no console.
Second version shows all red 225 interior. Hard to see, but car has console. (Mid-yr Invicta Custom interior shown lower right.)
Initially, a maroon cloth & vinyl interior (code 645) was available, but no red. Mid-year, a new red interior (code 675) was added, and a few months later the maroon was discontinued. Interestingly, both the maroon and red interiors utilized the exact same color and pattern of cloth for seats and door trim; it was only the vinyl, carpet, and the dash color that changed from maroon to red. [I have viewed an Invicta wagon with the maroon interior but have no photographs of it.]
Initially, a maroon all-vinyl interior (code 445) was available, but no red. Mid-year, a new red all-vinyl interior (code 675) was added, and a few months later the maroon was discontinued. Unlike the Invicta maroon-to-red change, there were no common colors or vinyls between the two LeSabre interiors. With this change, the wagon interior was identical to the red convertible interior.
COUPE/CONVERTIBLE/2-SEAT WAGON: The Invicta Custom trim option consisted of a special leather bucket seat interior, upgraded carpet, and unique door panel trim. Although it was listed on the Order Form from the start of the model year, my research suggests these cars were not produced until January 1960. (The second edition of the showroom literature showed this trim package in the illustrations. See detailed discussion of the Invicta Custom elsewhere on this website.)
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