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Stars Bob Hope & Lucille Ball. This is the ultimate 1960 Buick movie, and features about 15 minutes of detailed footage including interior shots. Highly recommended! The only drawback is that it is black & white. Cars include a LeSabre convertible (but interior shots use an Invicta) and a black Electra 225 Riviera Sedan. Brief views of a LeSabre Estate Wagon, and an Electra 225 convertible, too. Available on VHS (1997). See story on bottom of this page about Bob Hope's personal car that was seen briefly in the movie!
Biographer Arthur Marx (The Secret Life of Bob Hope) called
THE FACTS OF LIFE “..the best film of Hope’s career”

RIGHT OF WAY (made for TV, 1983):
Stars Jimmy Stewart & Bette Davis. Pretty lame flick about an elderly couple that plan to end their lives with dignity. The scheme involves their black 1960 LeSabre coupe (see photo and sidebar). This made-for-TV movie was offered on VHS but is long out of print.

Stars Judge Reinhold & Sean Penn. A cult classic! Judge plays Brad Hamilton, and drives a pretty straight and solid Chalet Blue 1960 LeSabre 4dr. flattop. And Phoebe Cates ain't bad, either.

NAKED GUN 33 1/3 (1994):
Stars Leslie Nielsen. The bad guys drive a 1960 LeSabre 4dr hardtop. It has a blue interior, but the outside's been painted gold (yeech!). Worse yet, a sunroof has been installed! Could this be the Ridgemont High car, 10yrs later?

Stars Michael Caine & Robert Duvall. A number of late '50s/early '60s cars are featured in this great family movie, including some good footage of a 1960 Invicta 4dr hardtop. The Buick is Titian Red with a white top, deck and lower body, and sports a pair of fender skirts (not a Buick accessory).

Stars Tom Hanks. Takes place in 1964. I haven't seen this one yet, but have it on good authority that the opening scenes show a silver and white 1960 Buick 4dr hardtop cruising the streets of Erie PA.

Stars Audrey Hepburn & George Peppard. At the very end of the movie, during the scene in the alley, there is a beautiful 1960 LeSabre coupe (Chalet Blue w/ white top & deck lid) that drives by repeatedly. Each time it goes by, it can be seen more clearly.

THE TEMPTATIONS (made for TV, 1998):
If you like professional cars, you'll find this worth watching. Several scenes show a rare 1960 Buick funeral coach. It is a Flxible Flxette, which is the (short) model built on the standard Buick Electra wheelbase.

Stars Adam Sandler & Kathy Bates. In the last few minutes of this bad movie, an equally bad LeSabre convertible makes an appearance.

Stars everybody who was ever anybody! During the airport rescue scene (the same one in which the Three Stooges appear), there is a RARE 1960 Buick ambulance. Don't blink or you'll miss it. Besides, this movie is a must see for any car nut.

Stars Natasha Richardson. True story of the heiress turned urban guerilla. About 1 hour into the flick, the terrorists steal a blue 1960 Electra flattop which promptly breaks down. The car is featured for a few brief minutes in this otherwise grim and tedious flick.

THE WONDER YEARS (TV series; 4/18/89):
In the episode titled "Brightwing," Kevin’s sister Karen is regularly ditching school with her friend Julie, who has a 1960 Electra 4dr flattop. Car is rough but unrestored and authentic. It looks to be Gull Gray in color.

THE FLAMINGO RISING (made for TV, 2001)
Stars William Hurt & Elizabeth McGovern. Haven't seen it, but is apparently about a drive-in movie in Florida. A white 1960 LeSabre convertible owned by BCA members Ron & Cathy Climer was an extra in the movie.

MATINEE (1993):
Stars John Goodman. Takes place in October 1962, during Cuban missle crisis. Anyone see a white 1960 LeSabre convertible in this flick? A fan of this website forwarded a classified ad from Sept. '92 showing just such a car, and it claimed to have been used in the movie. Perhaps it was edited out of the final cut?

Other movies that reportedly feature, or provide glimpses of, 1960 Buicks: THE MECHANIC (1972) Chas. Bronson; LOSIN' IT (1982) Tom Cruise & Shelley Long. Let me know if you've seen them, and if they deserve mention.
Bob Hope's 1960 Buick
A 1960 Electra 225 convertible, originally used by Dolores and Bob Hope, is alive and well. It is owned by a BCA member, who provided extensive documentation and these photos.

When new, the car was provided to Mrs. Hope by Buick, the sponsor of Bob's TV show. After it was returned to Buick in August 1960, the car was purchased by friends of the Hopes, Joe and Mary Lilley. Joe did musical scoring and arrangements for Hope. He and his wife had admired the car since Dolores had first received it.

The Lilley's enjoyed the car until 1985 (90K miles), and then stored it until 1997. That's when the current owner stepped in.

The Electra is well-preserved and largely unrestored. It has been repainted and the front seat recovered due to wear. Note that the turquoise color is very unusual for a 4867.

The owner has been told this is the same Electra convertible that makes a brief cameo in Hope's 1960 movie "The Facts of Life."
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