The 1960 Buick
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Rare 1960 Buick Tin Toy Cars
When did you last (ever) see one of these? The 1960 Buick tin cars shown here were made by Ichiko in Japan and are extremely rare in any condition.

Both of these beautiful UNRESTORED examples were recently offered on a popular internet auction site by a Manitoba collector. He was reluctantly selling them to finance the purchase of another collector car. Each sold for a 4-figure sum!

By way of commentary, I think the front end styling is a bit lame, but you've got to admit the side sculpturing is pretty decent!

What model is it supposed to be? Judging from the seat pattern, I suspect it is supposed to be an Invicta, even though the 4 portholes are correct for an Electra. (Keen observers will note that the seat pattern actually resembles a convertible Invicta, not one of the closed models.)
1960 Buick Die Cast Car
I have seen a few of these small (1/43?) die cast cars offered for sale on online auctions. Obviously, these are from Japan, but I do not know what time frame they were produced in.

Its proportions aren't bad, and the side sculpting is pretty good. From the moldings and four portholes, it appears to be an Electra model 4739 "flattop".

Most have a red interior like this one, although I did see one with a blue interior. However, that one also had painted (or chrome-foiled) side moldings, so it may have been a monkeyed with.
1960 Buick Pedal Car
1960 Buick Gas-Powered Go Cart
A few years ago, I acquired this unusual gasoline-powered "go cart" with a body that is a replica of the 1960 Buick convertible. Length is approximately 70" and width is about 30". It bears no manufacturer's markings.

The body is constructed of relatively thick fiberglass and was produced from some kind of mold....not hand-made. The headlight and taillight trim rings, as well as the fuel opening, are chromed metal. There are a pair of stainless steel rocker moldings that are not shown in the pictures. The seat is a separate fiberglass piece that slips into place in a slot in the body.

The chassis may have been home made, or constructed from plans such as those that offered in magazines like Popular Science, and Mechanix Illustrated. It features an electric start Lauson 2 1/4 horsepower gasoline engine.

Since I've owned this, I've come across a few others. In each case, the body was identical, except for modifications for mounting to a chassis. Also, in each case the chassis was different than mine and similarly homemade.

Perhaps a company offered this body (and others?) to do-it-yourselfers and each builder had to create their own chassis?

I am looking for any information on the original source of the bodies, and the means by which they were marketed. Please email me with any information you may have.
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