The 1960 Buick
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Misfortune and the 1960 Buick
Even brand new cars get hit. This 1960 LeSabre 4-dr hardtop likely had very few miles on it, when it was hit head-on in May of 1960. The Buick was from NJ; the collision occured near Philadelphia. Local wayward youths in the other vehicle were reportedly the cause of this accident.
"Gee, Toto, I Wish We Were Back in Kansas"
This 2-tone 1960 LeSabre sedan from Kansas had just 33,622 miles on it when it was totalled out by the insurance company. It was bought for $200 by a local salvage yard. (July 1963)
They Don't Grow in Trees
This 1961 picture is from the newspaper files of a small midwest town. The story behind the bizarre single vehicle accident is unknown.

Note the snow tires on the rear of this one-year old 1960 Electra sedan, model 4719. Car seems to have sustained little damage, at least from this view.
Another One Bites the Dust
Once a BCA Bugle magazine feature car, this restored 1960 LeSabre convertible was hit while parked. The front was also badly damaged.

The car was partially repaired and offered on an online auction site in about 1999.
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