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A Slow Death....or "Rescue Me!"
This photo was sent to me by a 1960 Buick internet friend in New York state. He stated that the car had only the "usual" rust when it was parked here by its owners many, many years ago. At that point it was still quite worthy of a restoration, but they had no interest in selling it.

Unfortunately, the owners took NO precautions with storage. After several decades of outdoor degradation, the Electra suffered the final indignation of a falling tree. When the car was finally offered for sale, there was hardly a useable part left on it! This Electra was so rusty, the moldings could be removed simply by pulling them off with your hands! The car has since been scrapped.
Why Do They All Seem to be White?
This LeSabre coupe is a rare stick shift car. It is owned by a gentleman in the southeast who has a number of 1960 Buicks. He hopes to save this one, but the task will be monumental. You can't see it well in this view, but trust me when I say this rare Electra coupe is also white. Although located in a junkyard, it was a solid restorable car until the roof was crushed by having another car stacked on top of it.
Ashes to Ashes...
White LeSabre convertibles with red interior come in all conditions. This one is a rough old bird!

An east coast '59-'60 Cadillac collector has offered this car for sale several times in 2005, on a popular internet auction site. It did not bring the money he was looking for and now appears it will be parted out.

You can't see it in this photo, but the left front fender is from an Electra or Electra 225.
Firehouse Rock
This undated newspaper photo was simply titled "Fire School". I'd estimate the timeframe to be the early-to-mid seventies.

Apparently an unappreciated 1960 Electra sedan gave its life to the training exercises of the local fire department.

Note one guy is using the grille emblem ring as a step.
Field of (1960) Dreams
Go ahead and squint. Yep, they're ALL 1960 Buicks. Every single one of them. Even more amazing is that there are more here than the photo shows!

They all belong to a single anonymous collector that has a great passion for 1960 Buicks. The cars include all body styles and models, and even a few professional cars.

By the way, don't ask if any are for sale... They're not!

I hesitated to include these cars in this section of the website, since they are being saved rather than being damaged or destroyed.

But, since many are cosmetically challenged, or in disrepair, this section seemed as good a place as any to post the photos.
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