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Buicks, Back in the Day
Buicks Featured at Wedding
Denzer from NY writes:
"This picture is of my aunt and uncle (my father's brother) on their wedding day in August 1960. My dad had just purchased the car."

This 1960 Buick LeSabre is still in the family, and currently undergoing a full restoration. Note the rare, but correct, blue convertible top and the aftermarket fender skirts--a popular accessory of the time.

The blue car in the background appears to be another Buick.
1960 Buick Has Role in Wedding & Honeymoon
My friend Brian came up with these family pictures of his parents' 1960 Invicta convertible.

The car was brand new when these wedding and honeymoon pictures were taken in June 1960. Sharp eyes will notice the Michigan plates--the car was bought at a Buick dealer on Van Dyke, just a few miles south of GM Tech Center in Warren MI.
Remember these roadside motels? By the way, the honeymoon was at Niagara Falls.
This Invicta convertible was Titian Red with a red and white interior. The color combination was rather unusual, pairing a maroon-like exterior color with a bright red interior.

Early in the model year, it was not even available; later it was offered as an "acceptable but not recommended" selection.

(Closed Invicta models offered a maroon interior that matched Titian Red perfectly.)
School Daze
Michele (second from right) recalls:
"This is the black 1960 Electra 225 Riviera sedan [model 4829] my dad bought me. It was in very nice condition, and one one of several 1960 Buicks our family owned. The picture was taken on my High School graduation day in 1972.

"Later, the car was sold for scrap by my brother, and was intentionally smashed up to ensure it would not be resold." (Ugh!)

Note the family dog, and that the white '59 Buick in front is wearing a 1960 taillight.
One Boat Pulls Another?
From Gary in Florida:
"This was my dad's 1960 LeSabre 2-door sedan. I remember it had a big V8 and a 3-speed stick on the column. He used it to pull our boat, the 'Seafury', that's seen in the photo."

Note "dog-dish" hub caps on owner-painted red wheels, and base white non-deluxe steering wheel.
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