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I have no idea where, when, or why these snaps were taken, or who the leggy lady is. (I obtained them at a swap meet.)

The amount of chrome trim identifies the car as an Electra 4dr sedan, most likely black. From the age of the other cars in the background, and the ribbons on the Buick, I'm wondering if it was perhaps a newly-purchased car at the time of photography.
Weird Wally
Wally was just 19, and quite the "J.D." when he bought a brand new 1960 Buick convertible. Note the rolled up cuffs on the white denim slacks. Like, cool, daddy-O!

Of course, I'm partial to the car's colors....
Top up, or down, the Buick cuts a fine figure! Note the red-painted wheels and period aftermarket wheel covers.
So, one day--out of the blue--I get a letter from a fellow who calls himself Weird Wally. He had seen one of the magazine articles about my 1960 LeSabre convertible and wanted to share the story of HIS LeSabre convertible.

It was a great letter that contained several original photographs, and a copy of the original window sticker. Here's a summary of what he said:

"In March 1960, when I was 19, I ordered a new 1960 Buick convertible with a 3-speed manual transmission. I didn't have much money, and the only options on the car were radio, heater, tinted windshield, deluxe steering wheel, and whitewalls. My cousin owned a nearby Buick dealer, so I got a really good deal on it.

As soon as I got it, I painted the wheels red, and replaced the small hubcaps with these aftermarket ones. I also installed dual exhausts with steel pack mufflers. My friends and I called it the "White Whale". The pictures I've sent were taken when the car had less than 1,000 miles on it. [back of photos dated May 1960]

I sold the car in 1962 because I was getting married and needed money for a house down payment. Later, in about 1965 I briefly owned another stick shift '60 LeSabre convertible: that one was maroon with gray interior.

For the past 30 years I've owned a used car lot. I figure I've sold over 22,000 cars in that time."
Except for the wheel covers, it looks like my car! Man, it's tough to beat that combination of white/red-white/white. No wonder so many of the LeSabre convertibles were this color scheme.
The Unknown Wisconsin Beauty Queen
I know nothing about this photo other than it was allegedly taken in Westby WI.

The photo processing date is Nov. 1960, but the lack of snow, and light clothing of the spectators suggests it was a mild day. Since the 1960 Buicks were not introduced until early October, this parade must have been in October or November. Possibly Homecoming?

The brand new LeSabre convertible is as pretty as the young lady. The Buick's color appears to be a medium shade, possibly Chalet Blue.
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