Rick Billington


 is a NRA Certified Firearms Instructor in the following disciplines:

  • Basic Pistol

  • Basic Rifle

  • Basic Shotgun

  • Personal Protection In The Home

  • Personal Protection Outside The Home

  • Refuse To Be A Victim

  • Chief Range Safety Officer

is a USCCA Certified Instructor for Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals:




               Remain On Target"Firearm Safety, Handling and Shooting Skills."Remain On Target
             *Self-defense is Nature's eldest law*

Our Mission

The mission of Michigan Pistol Training Net is to provide skills for those who enjoy the firearms sport and the outdoors lifestyle, and incorporate these core shooting skills and knowledge to effectively prevail in life threatening lethal force encounter.


Carrying a concealed handgun is a privilege in Michigan and with this
privilege comes a responsibility to be aware, not only of the
common sense rules of safe firearm handling, but the laws that
affect how, when and where you can carry your firearm, and how
to properly use the handgun to defend yourself or your family.






Michigan Concealed Pistol Application and Instructions





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