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Cocker Love

There's a love that lingers always

Deep within my heart—
It's the love for cocker spaniels,
Here's how it got its start.
Bought a puppy, silky-coated,
Eyes of brown that looked at me
Like he thought I was an idol
Showed his trust and faith in me.
Stubby tail that wagged "Hello, there!"
Every time he heard my step
Fitted his mood right in with my moods—
Quiet, or a lot of pep.
Ears that gracefully extended
Quite a ways towards the ground-
Chasing after balls; retrieving
Anything he found around
Gentle always with the children
As he grew from puppyhood
Into just the kind of dog folks
Liked throughout the neighbourhood.
I'm a hunter and I love it,
So did that first cocker pup-
Didn't really have time to train him,
He just seemed to pick it up.
Years have passed, but still that puppy
In my heart has left his trace,
For every time I lose a cocker
Another one must take its place.


A poem by Vera Page.

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